Craigie Aitchison RA MBE (1926-2009)
Georgina Allen - Still Life I
Andre Bicat (1909-1996) Artichokes
Andre Bicat (1909-1996) Fruit and Flowers
Andre Bicat (1909-1996) Magic Machine
Andre Bicat (1909-1996) Red Flask
Andre Bicat (1909-1996) Red Peppers
Jeremy Annear (b.1959) Sea Objects
Basil Beattie (b.1935) Bubble wrapped, 2001
Basil Beattie (b.1935) Stairing, 2001
Sandra Blow R.A. (1925-2006)
Sir George Clausen R.A. (1852-1944)
Augustus Edwin John (1878-1961) Girls Head, Red Chalk
Maryanne Nicholls - Cirsium II
Henri Matisse (1869-1954)
Harry Ousey (1915-1985) Verticals in black and blue
Harry Ousey (1915-1985) Abstract, Arles, Provence
Harry Ousey (1915-1985) Abstract Mediterranean
Carol Peace (b.1970) Standing Lady
Patrick Procktor R.A. (1936-2003) Lillies I
Ray Richardson (b.1938) London Eye
Lucy Runge Sunday Cup and Shell
Lucy Runge - Blue Chair
Rose in a Green Vase
Lucy Runge - Green Vase
Tony Scrivener (b.1944) Cornish Summer
Jane Skingley - Autumn Field Beacon Hill
Jane Skingley - Cottington Hill
Jane Skingley - Evening Light, West Wittering
Jane Skingley - Inlet, West Wittering
Jane Skingley - Mists over the River Trent
Jane Skingley - Starry Night
Jane Skingley - View from Old Burghclere
William Tillyer (b.1938) Untitled, 1988
Lisa Wright (b.1965) Beach boys
Lisa Wright (b.1965) Twinkle Twinkle

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